Andree Richmond - Ceramic Artist

Animals and Furniture

Here are some examples of animals on furniture. The newest pieces will be at the top of the page.
The average size of animal on couch is 7" x 10" x 6" The chair pieces average 7" x 6" x 6"
Each piece is hand built and hand painted and therefore the size,shape, color and details on each piece will be different. please keep in mind that size, color, and surface treatment represented by the examples you see on this site are approximate.

Andrée's work is represented by various galleries throught the US. To view a listing of these galleries, please visit the Links section of this site. Please support your local galleries. How ever if there is not a gallery close to you can buy directly from the Artist through the link on the home page

Amorous Bunnies Foxy Lady White Anubis
Bouncy Boy 'Well she said' 'Please Sir'
'Really' Well.. I'm not sure My Bunnies
rabbit and fox Time for the Game leopard
    Tiger on Chaise
Fox and Rabbit on Chaise Rabbit on Chaise Lounge Lizard
Tiger and Rabbit Foot Rub Fox and Rabbit
A Quiet Evening In Lizard Bar Scene
Reading on a Tuffet Yes Well Guitar Player
Miss Hotty Sunday Paper Cat with Stool
Reading Frog Frog on wooden chair Green Frog on Stool
Loving Frogs Frog on Wooden Stool Spotted Frog

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