Andree Richmond - Ceramic Artist
andree richmond
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cigarette boat  advertising
Cigarette Boats


hatteras fishing boat
Fishing Boats

kayak sculpture
rowing oars frogs
Row Boats

Sail Boats
skiing frog
Ski Boats
boat cat owl
Story Boats
tug boat sculpture art


Nautical Animals

I started making boats about 6 months after moving to North Carolina. It was inevitable as my studio use to look out on the river. Even though i have moved I am still sailing and kayaking as much as possible.
The boats are made a little differently from the animals, I was having trouble making the hull. I have made forms to push the clay into to give me the basic shape of the hull, I then build the superstructures separately, much like a real boat is built. Then I add all the details, animals, etc. In addition to the usual underglaze decoration, many of this boats go through a third firing for lusters. (gold, copper and white gold)

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