Andree Richmond - Ceramic Artist

In this section i am hoping people will send me photographs of my animal sculptures in their new homes.
I will leave it up to the collector whether they would like their name included.
I will start with 3 pieces that are in my house.

If you would like to participate please email me a photograph, please tell me where the sculpture is...
city, state or country and if you would like your name mentioned. You can also add a short comment if you would like.
Andrée Richmond.



White Anubis. Bath. NC 'On her high horse' Bath. NC Coptic Jar. Bath. NC
camel scupture
Large Camel .California Raku polar bear. Tucson.AZ Lounge Lizards. Tucson.AZ

Kent and Mo's Rhino. Tucson.AZ Chinese Dragon. Tucson. AZ Macaw made in 1988. Santa Cruz. CA
bull terrier, dog, sculpture, wheels

where does it reside?

where does it reside?


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