Andree Richmond, born 1957, Somerset, England.



Published Reviews

2009   The Desert Leaf. vol23, June
2005   Washington Daily News. October 28
2001   Featured Artist in Southern Arizona Clay Artists Publication
1996   Tucson Artists. Steven Meckler. Black Spring Books.
1995   Tucson Weekly. Oct 5, p 30.
1994   The Craft Report. May/June. p17.
1993   The Arizona Republic. July 18.
1993   Tucson Guide Quarterly. Summer.
1992   Arizona Illustrated. PBS TV Channel 6.
1992   Art Life. Spring/Summer.
1992   American Craft. April/May. Vol. 52, #2.
1992   Tucson Guide Quarterly. Spring.
1991   Janssen/Johns. Arizona State University Art Museum. p11.
1990   The Phoenix Gazette. Friday, February 9.
1990   Ceramics Monthly. June/July/August. Vol. 38, #6.
1990   Ranch & Coast. December. Vol. 29, #12.
1990   Recent Acquisitions 1989-1990. Arizona State University Art Museum.
1989   Scene. Santa Barbara News-Press. Friday, December 15.
1989   Arizona Illustrated. PBS TV Channel 6.
1989   Tucson Lifestyle. February. p97.

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Selected Collections

Arizona State University Art Museum. Tempe, AZ
Phoenix Sky Habor International Airport. Phoenix, AZ.
Texas Children's Hospital. Houston, TX.
Stephane Janssen collection.

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1981-83   S. Glamorgan Institution of Higher Education. Britain. Post-grad Art Teaching Certificate.
1977-80   Cardiff College of Art. Britain. BA Honors. Ceramics.

1975-77   Yeovil Technical College. Britain. Art Foundation.

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1994-00   Mentor. Prescott College. Tucson, AZ.
1986-95   Art Consultant. Project Inscape. Flowing Wells School District. Tucson, AZ.
1989-93   Faculty. Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson, AZ.
1987       Lecturer. South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education. Cardiff, Britain.


2006    Regional Artist Project Grant. North Carolina.

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Selected Exhibitions

2012   Bank of the Arts 11th Annual Juried Art Show. New Bern. NC
2011   Delight the Senses. Wilson. NC.
2 person show.
2010   46th Fine Art Show.1st place 3D. Washington. NC
2010   Bird Show. Carteret Contemporary Art.NC
2009   Handcrafted. Rocky Mount Arts Center.NC
2008   Hooves,Paws,WingsClaws. Phx International Airport. AZ
2007   Fifty Years. Rocky Mount Arts Center.NC

2007   Emerging ENC: Emerge Gallery.Greenville. NC

2007   Handcrafted. Rocky Mount Arts Center. NC
2006   43rd Annual Fine Arts Show. NC First Place 3D. Beaufort Arts Council. Washington.NC
2006   Show Yourself. Vision Gallery. Atlantic Beach. NC

2006   Featured Artist. Belhaven Library. NC

2005   41st Annual Fine Arts Show. Washington. NC
2005   Feathers, fur &
Family. ASU Museum. Tempe. AZ

40th Juried Fine Arts Show. First Place 3D. Beaufort Arts Council. Washington. NC
2004   Faces and Figures. Beaufort Fine Art Gallery. NC

2004   Featured Artist. Belhaven Library. NC.

2002   Cla Invitational. ASU Art Museum. AZ

2002   Accent on Ceramics. Phoenix International Airport. AZ
2001   Four person Invitational. Tucson International Airport. AZ
2000   Millennium Reflections.   Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. AZ.
1999   Creepy, Crawly, Wild and Woolly.   Tohono Chul Park. Tucson, AZ.
1999   Toys in Aviation.    Pima Air and Space Museum. Tucson, AZ.
1998   Three Person Show.   Pink Adobe Gallery. Tucson, AZ.
1998   Primavera Celebration of Women in the Arts.   Tucson Museum of Art. AZ.
1997   Burnt Offerings.   Solo Show. Mind�s Eye Gallery. Scottsdale, AZ.

1997   Two Person Show.   Pima Community College. Tucson, AZ.
1997   Desert Reflections.   Desert Museum. Tucson, AZ
1997   Death, a round trip ticket.   Central Arts Gallery. Tucson, AZ.
1996   Clay Sojourns.   Tucson Pima Arts Council, AZ.
1995   We Ain�t Claying Around.   Two person show. City Art Works. Atlanta, GA.
1994   Totally Teapots.   Gango Gallery. Portland, OR.
1994   Tea Party.   Banaker Gallery. San Francisco,CA.
1994   Faculty Show.   Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson, AZ.
1994   Outstanding in the Field.    Arizona Museum For Youth. Mesa, AZ.
1993   New Artist.    Banaker Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
1993   Teapots.   International Gallery. San Diego, CA.
1992   One Person Exhibit.    Tohono Chul Park Gallery. Tucson, AZ.
1991   Winter Dreams.   Flying Shuttle Gallery. Seattle, WA.
1991   Toys for All Ages.   Tempe Art Center. Tempe, AZ.
1991   Janssen/Johns.   Arizona State University Art Museum. Tempe, AZ.
1991   Southern Arizona Clay Artists Invitational.    The Stetter Gallery. Phoenix, AZ.
1991   Bogus Beasts.    International Gallery. San Diego, CA.
1991   Fine Art for Fine Causes.    Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson, AZ.
1990   A Doll�s House.    Ferrin Gallery. North Hampton, MA.
1990   Flora and Fauna.    Elizabeth Fortner Gallery. Santa Barbara, CA.
1990   Recent Acquisitions.    Arizona State University Art Museum. Temple, AZ.
1989   Elaine Potter Gallery.    San Francisco, CA.
1989   Mark Milliken Gallery.    New York City, NY.
1989   Personal Mythology.    Union Gallery. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.
1989   Women in Clay.    Obsidian Gallery. Tucson, AZ.
1989   Fired Baked Fried.    Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Scottsdale, AZ.
1988   Closet Pets.     Galleria Mesa. Mesa, AZ.
1988   Southwest by Northeast.    International Gallery. San Diego, CA.
1987   Toy Exhibition.    Northern Arizona University. Flagstaff, AZ.
1987   Featured Artist.    Obsidian Gallery. Tucson, AZ.

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Gallery Affiliations
The following galleries currently display my work.

Carolina Creations. New Bern, NC 252 633 4569
Chiaroscuro Gallery.  Chicago, IL. 800 808 7780. 312 988 9253.
The Collectors Gallery. Raleigh. NC. 919 828 6500
Show of Hands.Denver. CO 303 399 0201
The Real Mother Goose.  Portland, OR. 800 968 1070. 503 223 9510.
Vision Gallery. Atlantic Beach, NC 252 247 5550

Vision Gallery is currently the only galleries carrying work from the Sculptural section.

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Artist Statement

Technology and the current economic system move us at breakneck speed separating us from our natural rhythms. Wooing us onto wheels to travel too fast to nourish our soul and sense of humor. My work is about my struggle for balance.

Making of the Wheeled Animals

The wheeled animals start their life as two bowls, made by pinching a ball of clay thinner until it becomes a hollow shape, which varies depending on which animal I am creating. The body of the animals are made by joining the two shapes(bowls) together and they are paddled into shape. I then roll and attach lengths of clay to the body for legs. While these are drying, I start modelling the neck and head. I usually work in sets of three. Going back to the body- legs I attach the axles for the wheels and carve the animal's form from original the rough shape, when the body is complete I go back to the neck-head and scult the details, then attach it to the body. Finally I sponge the entire piece to make it smooth for painting (this I believe is where the erroneous notion that my pieces are slipcast arose) The animal is then allowed to dry and is fired. After washing the piece to remove any dust from the first firing, I paint the decoration with underglaze, brush glaze on top and refire. The wheels are then attached and the piece is complete. Why the lids? I have always been partial to tins, boxes and secret compartments. I like the added complexity that an opening to the inside gives the piece. The best story I have heard for the lids, was given by a young boy to his mother, "that's were you put the gas in."

Animals made so far

Domestic Animals.
bull.(farm. torro) cat.chicken. cow. Dog.(border collie. bulldog.bullterrier. Dachshund. Dalmatian. hound dog. labrador. poodle, pug. rottweiller) Goat. Horse. Pig.(various breeds. )
rabbit. rooster. sheep.

Wild Animals.
Aardvark, alligator. Armadillo. Buffalo. Camel.(Dromedary, Bactrian.) cheetah, Crab.
Elephant.Fish.(Blow-fish, carp. tropical.) Frog. Giraffe.
Hippopotamus. Lizard.(Blunt nosed, Gila Monster, Horned Lizard.) Jaguar.
Javalina. Leopard. Lion. lobster. macaw. monkey. moose. Okapi. Oryx. owl Panda.
Penguin. Platypus. Polar Bear. puffin, Otter. Rabbit. rat. Rhinosaurus. tiger. tortoise. scorpion. Sea Turtle. Walrus. Zebra.

Mythical Animals.
Centaur. Devil. Dinosaurs.(ankylosaurus, apatosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops,
tyrannosaurus.) Dragon. Gannesh. Griffin. Frog prince. Mermaid. Satyr
. unicorn.

Dancing Animals.
Cow & bull. Bear & racoon. Bull Dogs. Bull Terriers. Cat & dog. Cat & Maltese dog. Cats. Border collies. Dachshunds. Elephants. Elephant & donkey. Fox & racoon. Frogs. Tree frogs. Labradors. Hare & tortoise. Hippos. Lizards. Penguins. Pigs. Polar bears. Pugs. Moose and Bear. Rhinos. Walrus & fish. Rabbits.

Interacting Animals.
Donkeys and elephants. Frog & tortoise. Hare & Tortoise. Humans on
frog. Leap Frog. Scorpion & Frog.
Stacks of animals in various combinations.

Animals with Furniture.
Cat on couch. Cat on Mat. Cat on stool. Elephant on couch. Fish in
bathtub. Frog in chair. Frog on cushion. Frog on stool. Frogs in
bathtub. Frog on tuffet. Lizard in chair. Pig in chair. Pig in clover. Rabbit chair. Tigers in chairs, couches.

Animals in Vehicles.
Boats include.- cigarette, dingy, fishing, hatteras, kayak, row, sail, skiff, speed, trawler and tug.
Cars include.- dragsters and vintage.
Planes include.- biplanes, float planes and single wings
Animals include.- Cats, dogs, fish, frogs, penquins, polar bear, tigers, zebra.

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