Andree’s clay production studio

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I’ve been making wheeled animal sculptures for many years. They are an outgrowth of my very early work, dating all the way back to my early college days. My degree show featured articulated, tracked, wheeled, floating and flying vehicles in a high concept futuristic style. The interest in wheels and hatches survived this period and became incorporated into the very successful wheeled animals. My whimsical and exotic wheeled animal sculptures are entirely about form and decoration, with no underlying thematic elements.

I find it satisfying to make something beautiful. There is quite enough ugliness in the world don’t you think?

sold clay sculpture the show must go on

The drive to speed up production is always there. As any accountant can tell you, the lower your input costs, the greater your profits. I have  never been able to make the leap to mass production so my work is still 100% handmade. I think this is a blessing in disguise as I really like making things out of clay. The result is that all my work is handcrafted, using quite ordinary clay working tools.

Whether whimsical or serious, I take great pride in making an animal sculpture and derive a lot of satisfaction from people’s joy when they see it.

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