Musings - How To Make Pickles From Cucumbers

My precious studio cats through the years


Red, my first studio cat

Red was my first studio cat, we lived downtown and she would walk with me to drop off my artwork at the Tucson Museum  of Art gift shop. She had six toes per paw, front and back. My kiln was at another location, which had grass, bushes and trees for her to explore. I would zip her in a backpack and we would ride the motorcycle there as I didn’t have a car. When it was time to go I’d call her up, put her back into the bag and we would go home.

Roswell & Simon

My studio cate Roswell & Simon

Roswell and Simon were kittens who grew up together, they were in the studio from the start, they had their own box on my work table, were very careful with my work and never broke a thing.


Roswell hiding in the packing material.

Roswell taught Little guy studio etiquette.

Little Guy

Little Guy watching my sculpture building process.

When Little Guy was not outside catching rabbits, he spent his time in my studio keeping me company.


Sam napping in the sun light

Sam did not spend much time in the studio, he was elderly when he came to live with me, although he liked to be near me when I was on the computer.

All great cats are very respectful of my work and had excellent studio manners. 


And then along comes Barnaby……. Another rescue, 2 years old, NO manners whatsoever, absolute disaster in the studio, bumps into giraffes and knocks them over, sits on half finished work, deliberately knocks tools off the workbench and to top it all off…….eats things in plastic!!!!!!!!

But he is great company and we are working on manners.

Going Nowhere Series

This was a series a long time in the making. The idea came to me whilst I was still in New Bern. NC over 4 years ago, I pinned the sketch on my ideas board. I moved to Tucson. AZ and once again pinned the sketch on the board. I talked to some friends about the connotations of the headdress and shelved the idea  as being culturally incorrect. 

My subconscious would not let it go. So finally at the beginning of last year, I felt compelled to make the piece for myself. Around the same time my life disintegrated, in the span of 6 months Covid hit, my 25 year marriage ended, my Dad died and my beloved cat died. Needless to say the pieces were forgotten on the shelf for another 6 months. 

2021 rolls around and in the spirit of tying up loose ends to start the New year fresh, I decide to finish the pieces. Into the cone 5 firing they go. When I get them out they no longer rock!!!!     At first, I’m upset but then I’m laughing, how appropriate. Not only are they going nowhere, now they are totally stationary.

Yes I have to be hit on the head by the preverbal 2” x 4” to see things. So the universe, my subconscious, angels, whoever made it happen. The weight of possessions, expectations and wanting security punched down the center support on the  feathered one and high centered it. The heat in the kiln totally flattened out the rails on the cowboy piece.  My life had needed to change for a while.

Time to take life as it comes, day by day and Trust things will work out.