Sculpture Tucson 2024

The show was the weekend of March 16/17. It has grown over the years with about 50 artists participating this year.

We had great attendance Saturday and Sunday as the weather was perfect. A constant stream of visitors.

In addition to the sculpture, there was a continuous parade of dogs to admire. Some breeds I had not seen before.

It was wonderful to watch people’s reaction to my work. lots of smiles, with people bringing the rest of their group to see my sculptures.

The porcupine  went home with  a really lovely couple who collect porcupine sculptures, they were hesitant to take him originally because he was so much larger than the others in their collection, but in the end his sweet face sealed the deal.

The funniest comment I heard was that my sculptures are ‘too weird’…… Are they?  I never thought of them that way.

I enjoyed the weekend it was nice to get out of the studio and connect with art enthusiasts.

I’d like to thank my customers who came to see the new work and to catch up on life.

A special thanks to my friends who came by to help out and give me breaks. I couldn’t have done it without you.