Available for Workshop(s) or Guest Artist

I am available to help with your clay sculpture workshop(s) or teach as a “guest artist” for your clay sculpture class. Contact me for details and schedule today to save your date. I will work with your location and your schedule, if at all possible.

I am a clay artist with 40 years of experience hand-building clay sculptures and I can teach all levels of artistic talent, with or without prior training. I will be hands-on, giving instructions and training, to teach your workshop attendees and students how to manipulate the clay medium to create their own personal handcrafted clay sculpture masterpiece.

I hand-build all my clay sculptures, using the most appropriate combination of methods including coil, slab, pinch pot, modelling or carving techniques. At the end of the session(s), your workshop attendees and students will end up with a unique and personal sculpture to showcase in their home or share as a gift.

Clay sculpture of tiger riding elephant, holding a red parasol.
sold clay sculpture red parasol print

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