Imagine & Dream About Special Custom Clay Sculptures

How to Make Your Clay Sculptures Dream Come True

Yes, I do accept Special Custom Commission work. If you like my clay sculptures, expect to receive a piece of work that looks like something I would make. No, I will not match your couch but I will work with you to create that special clay sculpture that you’ve been dreaming about for yourself or a treasured gift.

I have made personalized clay sculptures to look like people’s animals and sometimes in specific settings. I will need lots of photographs to get the spots and colors in the right places and put the correct tail in the correct place. Remember I don’t do ‘realistic’.

Commission work often gives me the opportunity to work on more complex clay sculptures, whether in size, texture, detail or number of elements that make up the final sculpture.

These are some of the custom clay sculptures that I have made over the years. The photography is unfortunately not the best, or nonexistent, as I am normally rushing to get the final sculptures shipped out. This might be why you do not see your custom clay sculpture showcased here; I forgot to photograph it before I shipped it out to you.

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