Paint on Canvas Artwork

My Story About Painting

This is a new medium for me and is an outgrowth of holiday plates and bowls that I have made in the past.

Through the years I’ve made a lot of plates, bowls, other pieces for specific reasons or special sales. The thing that made them interesting to me was the decoration, although painting with underglazes can be kind of a mind bender as often the color of the underglaze is different when fired.

 I began to wonder why not play with some of the imagery I liked in a paintings.  This has been both frustrating and tons of fun.  I’ve needed to learn new ways to achieve the look I want, as glaze and paint don’t behave the same.

 I am having fun with this new medium and letting my imagination run wild with the new possibilities. I ­think it opens a way to express ideas I have that I have found impossible to execute in clay.

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