Narrative Clay Sculptures

The Story Behind Narrative Sculpture

XXXX All these pieces tell a story or have an overarching theme. My ‘what elephant series’ started out with me thinking about the proverbial elephant in the room.  The ’ big thing’ nobody  will acknowledge.  I had a lot of fun with this concept and there were quite a few iterations of this series.

Old Sayings are a favorite of mine. ‘Soldier on‘ inspired a sculpture with a zebra goose stepping with 4 dog soldier riding on his back. 

Still other sculptures may be referencing a story someone told me, a picture in a magazine, an image on television, an experience I had, or memories from adulthood and childhood such as ‘tales of the river bank’. 

As with many of the hollow bodied pieces, I start with two pinch pots which are joined together to form the body and then the limbs which are usually solid are attached. After the form is dried enough, all the intricate decorative construction is done, along with carving away to the final form. Underglaze decoration is applied then an over glaze completes the surface.

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