Narrative Sculptures

My lifelong interests are animals and what makes people do what they do. As a kid, I got an animal encyclopedia for Christmas, which I read from cover to cover. My interest in animals has continued, as I have observed and trained many animals and experienced their personalities.

Some of my Narrative sculptures have been juried into shows and received recognition as hand modeled earthenware. These sculptures traditionally use animalized human forms, animals or animal/human groupings.

As subject matter animals tend to be less threatening and can be used to caricature human traits and personalities.

Animals have a much higher degree of variety in their personality than humans. They also are much more straightforward than people and can often be taken at face value. Animals, as subject material, allows me to explore the deep subconscious and traditional symbolic power they convey.

As inspiration, my day to day life spills over into my art.

People, events and images get reshaped and combined into a blend of my view and my style. It has become clear that my work is less ‘created’ than ‘found. By following a concept over time, more is revealed to me about the work. This is not always a comfortable process as it forces me far out of my comfort zone. Work made inside the comfort zone usually has no ‘life’ in it,  so discomfort is the necessary evil.

My Narrative sculptures combine psychology, myth and animals, which swirl and blend in my consciousness, and I sculpt the result.

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