Painting is a relaxing distraction. It uses different creative muscles. I can start a painting and if  I get stuck I can hang it on the wall and wait for inspiration. ie: give my mind to decide why I don’t like it……. is it the composition, the color balance, the proportions, the elements? With clay its a race against time. Finish it or lose it. Yes, you can wrap it in plastic and slow the process down, but over time the clay will get ‘short’ and becomes brittle, it’s like trying to model with cheese.

In some ways painting is easier…. colour-wise ‘what you see is what you get’. The color you paint on ceramics changing color in the kiln and also the way the glaze is applied will  affect the outcome. I have put days of work into a sculpture only to apply the glaze wrong and the piece is ruined, no fixing it.

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