Whimsical Animals

The decoration on whimsical animal sculpture is variable. Sometimes, my sculpture animals wear human clothes, a pattern derived from their natural camouflage or decor more authentic to their native skins.

Every whimsical animal sculpture is hand built and hand painted by me. Therefore, the size, shape, color and details on each animal will be a little different, even within their own species.

The Charm of Whimsical Animal Clay Sculptures

Whimsical dancing animals are popular wedding or anniversary presents. Dancing involves a willingness to cooperate and working in harmony, to create beauty and pleasure together. Dancing animal sculptures have occurred in my work over the years. Many of the dancing pairs were originally made as teapots, without the wheels.

I love to dance and some of the whimsical animals have a higher aptitude for dancing than others.

What’s with the Wheeled Animals?

I’ve been making wheeled animals for many years. The wheels are an outgrowth of my very early work dating back to my college days. The interest in wheels and hatches continued and gave inspiration to my signature wheeled animals.

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