Treasured Handcrafted Sculptures to Bestow Good Fortune

My Treasured Handcrafted Sculpture Archive showcases prior work, over many years, that is either already sold or is a very personal project that is not for sale. These Treasured Handcrafted Sculptures represent many years, many hours and a tremendous outpour of imagination and creativity. I am honored when my Treasured Handcrafted Sculptures are added to an art collection or moves to a loving home with a family and plenty of attention.

If you see something that strikes your fancy, I can handcraft you a similar sculpture that you can purchase to be your very own treasure. Since I will be constructing another similar sculpture, you will have an opportunity to make minor alterations, like color, pattern and expression. Anything more than minor alterations will qualify as a Special Custom Commission sculpture, and the reclassification will be reflected in the price.

Please contact me personally if you would like to discuss a special piece that you see in this Treasured Handcrafted Sculpture Archive collection.

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