Treasured Handcrafted Sculptures on Wheels

The treasured handcrafted wheeled sculptures showcased here are a body of prior work that began many years ago in my college years. [ explanation of the wheels ].

These wheeled sculptures are already sold or are a very personal project that I wanted to showcase but they are not for sale. As with the sculptures without wheels, this collection came from a tremendous outpour of imagination and creativity. I am truly honored when my any of my sculptures are added to an art collection or displayed in a loving home.

If you see a sculpture that you particularly like, I can handcraft you a similar sculpture that you can purchase. New sculptures on wheels are only available by special order going forward. Since I will be constructing another similar sculpture, you can request minor alterations in the color, texture, pattern and expression. Anything more than a minor alteration will qualify the request as a Special Custom Commission sculpture, resulting in a Special Custom Commission price adjustment.

Please contact me personally if you would like to discuss a special piece that you see in this Treasured Handcrafted Sculptures on Wheels collection.

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